Your Keeper begins digitally as a 3D model, undergoing inspection through CAM software. Utilizing innovative production processes, fabrication starts with 3D printing, state of the art casting, and laser engraving. From there, our community of emerging Brooklyn based jewelers carefully hand polish and oxidize each piece. 

Fabricated from .925 silver, this unisex design is locally crafted in equal parts by machine and hand. Uniquely painted oxidation over satin finish.

Limited stock is currently available for some select styles in the new Little Keepers pendant collection. Inquire directly for exact availability. These select pieces typically take 2-3 days to ship.

For all other designs, upon purchase, your item is individually created as soon as possible and ships within 3-4 weeks. Our team will keep you informed of your product’s journey from purchase to delivery. Please bear in mind all products are subject supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.