Keeper is a line of conceptual unisex jewelry by Ashley Keeper. Each piece is inspired by the designer’s nomadic, minimalist lifestyle- and the world. Characterized by its peculiarly classic geometries, the collection is a study in both aerodynamics and androgyny.


“Keeper began through a journey to find stillness in movement. I set out with just a backpack of jewels and a laptop to build my 3D models, picking up inspiration with each destination I visited. I live for the experience of flying itself, exploring the liminal space between motion and suspension. Each city connects my designs to that mental space, to my true destination.

My fetish for menswear also influenced a mission to create jewelry that makes a powerful statement of self-expression, transcending gender through a minimalist aesthetic. The collections are keepsake versions of the traveling vessels that influence all my ideas. With Keeper, I aim to challenge our perception and affinity for definition and labels through the use of distinctive lines and androgynous silhouettes.”


No matter what place in the world Ashley finds herself, Keeper remains deeply rooted in New York. Her products are developed in the midst of the city, exploring innovative manufacturing processes through a sustainable community of emerging Brooklyn-based jewelers.